About us & what we do

About us & what we do

Qingdao Haiqing Electro-Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd was established with the primary aim of advising clients for equipments and technology in the medical, dental and associated professions.

Our technology department have a wealth of experience and their knowledge is based on an understanding of the complex issues intrinsic in the medical equipments manufacturing to our clients. Till now, perfect designed products dental X-Ray unit had been highly approved by our customers from all over the world.

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Our range of services is designed to cater for all client needs, you can therefore decide on which type of product is best for you. We will also determine what your objectives and priorities are in relation to all aspects of your financial planning . If, after the first meeting you wish to engage our services, you will receive our comprehensive suggestion covering all areas discussed and detailing where further specialist advice may be required.Also we'd like to discuss with you in deep and how you wish to proceed with any recommendations which parts will contains. Client Relationship is the fundamental aspect of our business and needs to be clearly established from the outset so that future expectations can be met.
We will put you first at all stages of our relationship and deliver a friendly and efficient service.

  • We will let you know what we will and want do with a clear indication of our products.
  • At all times we will absolutely respect your confidentiality, be courteous and responsive for every agency.
  • We will be totally transparent when dealing with your purchase order and we will act with integrity and honesty at all times in an open and polite manner.
  • If we fall short on your expectations we will take more time to discuss with you and endeavour to resolve the matter expediently.

Our overall aim is to develop a long-term working relationship and partnership with you to help you achieve your lifetime goals and needs through a regular review process.



Haiqing Electro-Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd is a limited company, registered in Qingdao, China

Address No. 6, Qingjiang Road, Sifang District, Qingdao,China

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